The Kaagan-Vas leader, Warsaw, was a lot of fun to design. With the very first full-body sketch, I pretty much had the basic look down, and then it just took a few refinement passes to really nail the design down. He may be one of my favorite alien designs to date. I like the hermit crab shell on his back, even though you never actually see it in the story itself due to the clothing.

Speaking of the clothes, back on The Big Snow Job #2, Page 20, I talked a bit about the Western influence I wanted in the rustler outfits. The cowboy duster look came about pretty easily for Warsaw. Actually, all of the rustler outfits were somewhat easy to design. The hats were the killers. As you can see in this sketchbook page, I tried to go with variations of the cowboy hat early on for Warsaw, but they just weren’t working. They just seemed too glaringly cowboy-ish in an almost comical way, like he should always be saying, “Howdy, pardner!” So I eventually scrapped the idea and came up with a different type of hat altogether.

Next up…Uskulon.