So here are the last two steps of the art process in creating my new display banner. In the left image, I added all the final touches to the art, which consist of various special effects: haze around the planet, glowing engines and lights on both the Khoruysa Brimia and the Mosquito, and a few metallic gleams on the ships and weapons.

I also made the final decision to nix the different colored horizontal bars, which were looking a bit hokey. Plus, with everything else going on in the image, the last thing I needed was three bars of different colors as any kind of distraction. I replaced them with a single blue background color for all three bars, but that looked too flat and boring, so I added the white vertical gradient down the middle. That ended up working perfectly since it broke up the flatness of the solid color while also drawing your eye towards Sky in the center of the image.

On the right side, you have the final image, with the text laid back on top of all the artwork. Huzzah!!

Overall, I’m really happy with the final piece, and if you come and see me at your next comic convention, maybe you’ll get to see it in person in all its glory. Assuming the airline doesn’t lose it in transit….