Ahh, the last remnants of my MIT architectural schooling. Money well spent!

These are the floor plans I drew up many, many years ago, before I started the artwork on the first RUNNERS story arc. I needed to figure out the layout of the ship so that things would make sense once I got to drawing the interiors.

A few things to note: right behind the cockpit, the plans show a small nook with a console station. At the time I thought it would be a nice halfway station between the common area and the cockpit, but in reality, the distance isn’t that great that it would need a halfway point. I’ve since changed it to a small cot, which makes a bit more sense. Anyone on flight duty can take a nap there if necessary, but still be just a few steps away from the cockpit if any emergencies arise.

On the cargo level, I figured the freighter originally had three cargo bays: a big one towards the front, with two smaller ones behind it. Roka at some point converted one of them to a medical bay and additional bedroom. Unlike the bedrooms up top, this larger one is meant to accommodate two people, so that would be Cember and Bennesaud.

All of the Mosquito-related bits are modifications added by Roka, which includes the spacesuit storage, armory, Mosquito link, and the Mosquito itself. The standard version of the Movian freighter obviously doesn’t need the extra shuttle/fighter, so those parts were specifically added to the Brimia due to the hazardous nature of their work.

Bear in mind that this is a pretty old schematic, so I may be changing some things. For one, maybe each bedroom will have its own small bathroom. The single communal bathroom seems a bit odd for a ship housing so many people. But then I guess it could make for some nice scenes of Sky walking back to her room in a towel after a shower. 🙂