More examples of the art revisions I made to the Brimia scene from The Big Snow Job #1, Page 10. Like the trim everywhere else, the original skylight (or would that be “starlight?”) trim was way too thin, especially for a part of the ship that transitions from interior to outer space. As it is, it’s still a bit thin and I’ll most likely thicken it when it next shows up, but it’s definitely better. I think the grate ceiling adds a slightly industrial look, which I like infinitely better than the weird drop-ceiling of the old version.

With the lower panel, I didn’t change too much. It’s mostly the railing, which was just a tad boring. I thought the central arch shape and radiating bars would be more interesting since they would break up the background in certain angles more than that single horizontal bar would. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I also changed the grate pattern on the ramp to have the same arch shape.

I also changed the random wall console into more of the blue storage locker shapes that run all around the room. Easier to draw!