Any readers out there going to Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando in August? If so, anyone willing to pick me up a set of the LEGO exclusive Cube Dudes???

A few months back, I discovered the awesomeness of Angus MacLane’s LEGO Cube Dudes, and then I recently found out LEGO was actually producing them as convention exclusives for both San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration. The SDCC set featured characters from Clone Wars. Cool, but I don’t feel the driving need to get them. But the Celebration set…. bounty hunters! And THOSE I want!

It probably comes as no surprise that RUNNERS was in large part inspired by the underworld aspects of the original Star Wars trilogy:  smugglers (Han Solo), gangsters (Jabba), and bounty hunters (Boba Fett, Bossk, etc). The bounty hunters in particular were a huge influence, so naturally, I’d love to get my hands on the LEGO set.

So anyway, if anyone is going to the show and is willing to pick up a set for me, I would be extremely grateful. Just let me know here by posting a comment. Otherwise, I guess I’ll probably just have to resort to eBay.

Sadly, I was originally planning to get a table at Star Wars Celebration this year, so I would have been there to get the set myself. But early on, I sent several requests to the convention organizers asking about table rates and registration info and never got a response. Lame.