As I mentioned in the post for The Big Snow Job #1, Page 7, I wanted the Preegan henchmen to have a Western bandito look, so I gave them crisscrossing ammo belts across the torso. But to make the outfit a little more interesting, instead of just being two ammo loops going diagonally across the torso, it’s one continuous belt, that goes around the back of the neck, crisscrossing in the front, and then attaching to the waist belt in the back.

Here I also did a few sketches of the Preegan oversized gun to figure out how it would work for four-armed usage. For all the thought that went into them, the guns ended up barely showing up at all in the actual sequence, which is kind of a bummer. But at least they’re already designed, so if the Preegans ever show up again, that concepting work will be done. Hurray for recycling!