Sadly, I don’t have the page in its pencil stage. At the time, I had no idea I’d be doing a Process feature, so I had no reason to scan my pencils. The same goes for all the pages I did for “Snow Job” issues #1-3. By the time I started working on issue #4 though, I knew I’d be doing this, so with those pages, I started scanning in the penciled pages. So for a future Process feature, I’ll do a page that I can show the pencil stage as well.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted the characters to be a bit static so I could use the image for reference myself in drawing the various snow outfits. Mission accomplished! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out since it clearly shows all the characters and their outfits, but the composition and arrangement of characters is still interesting enough that it’s not a totally boring cover.

You can probably tell from this page that I don’t really throw down a lot of black areas in my pages. It’s something I struggle with and feel like I should be doing more. At times, I think it makes my inked pages look a bit unfinished or at least unfocused. But I always know that everything will come together in the coloring stage. I guess in that way, I expect the coloring to do a lot of the heavy lifting as far as finished artwork goes.

Next up, the colors…