In order to stay ahead of schedule and transition seamlessly from RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job into the next arc, I have decided to reduce new page posts to once a week, starting with issue #3. Instead of the current Monday and Thursday schedule, new pages of story will post on Mondays.

This was a tough decision, but ultimately, I decided that for a webcomic, consistency in schedule would be crucial to keeping and building a strong readership. At the current 2 pages/week rate, there would have to be a long break online between the end of the current story arc and the beginning of the next one, and I didn’t want the readers to suffer that long a hiatus. So hopefully, the new schedule will result in no interruption between stories.

And the change isn’t necessarily bad news, as I will continue with Thursday posts every week. The second weekly post won’t be story content but will be behind-the-scenes posts. The content will range from character turnarounds, to prop and ship diagrams, to concept sketches, to process documents that show my method of working. This will all be in addition to the commentary I’m still providing with each posted story page. So I hope you’ll check out both posts each week!

Thanks to everyone who voiced their comments and votes on the “Feedback Needed” thread. Your feedback was a great help!