So I’m trying to check out more webcomic series whenever I get the free time (which isn’t very often). As I do, I’ll try to spotlight them here.

First up is a great sci-fi comic called Sunset Grill by Kat Feete, which revolves around the many, MANY characters who are patrons of the Sunset Grill, a “bar on the shady side of town in the run-down and corrupt city of Kieselburg.” In its 200+ pages (so far), the series has explored many different stories and featured a great number of recurring characters, from bar employees to police officers to gang members to aliens.

It’s done in a rendered CG art style, which I know may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But even if it’s not your visual thing, the stories themselves are well worth the read! It’s a great piece of very cool sci-fi world-building, with the author explaining background info in notes below some of the comics.

The comic itself is well written, with a hefty amount of comedic dialog and some vey funny moments throughout the series mixed in with a good amount of drama to boot. So there’s a bit of something for everyone. Plus gangsters, low lifes, and thugs. And given that’s pretty much what RUNNERS is about, how could I not like this series?

Check out Sunset Grill.