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BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Dhama Hes

June 24, 2010

The design for Dhama Hes (The Big Snow Job #1, Page 18) was a lot of fun as I wanted him to be very alien and creepy. So I played with some odd proportions (like the very high waist such that he practically has no torso) and weird textures (like the knobby hand palms and mass of thin tentacles for the lower body). And there was something about the spinal ridge on his back shell that was kinda unnerving to me, since it had the appearance of exposed vertebrae.

Looking at the sketches again now, I apparently meant to do some sort of spotted pattern on portions of the upper body shell and arms. Whoops. That’s the problem with leaving some things out at the pencil and ink stage. There’s a good chance I might forget to do those details when I actually get to the coloring stage many months later. Oh well.

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Dhama Suul Head

March 10, 2011

As I previously mentioned, I didn’t have the design for Dhama Suul done when I did the art for issues #1-4. But I did have a random line in The Big Snow Job #1, Page 20 where Dhama Hes referred to Suul as a “sawtooth.” So that’s what I had to work with. I’m just glad I hadn’t written some other throwaway line that might have been much harder to work with! “Ah, Suul, that visually magnificent alien with partially invisible features and other attributes that are constantly swirling in an indescribable symphony of color and sound!” So yeah, “sawtooth” was okay.

Anyway, sometimes with alien designs, I start with the entire body, since the overall silhouette and body shape is pretty important to me. Other times, I’ll start with the head since that’s really the most important feature, and then work from there. In this case, with the only defining trait being the “sawtooth” line, I figured it’d make most sense to start with the head.

On this page are some of my very early head doodles, for both Suul and possibly some of his henchmen. With the bottom half of the page, I started playing with different heads that might be considered “sawtooth”-y.

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Dhama Suul Head

March 17, 2011

More Suul head sketches, again focusing on the sawtooth look. I liked the hammerhead looks of the top two sketches but figured I’d play around more with an alien take on an actual sawfish snout, since I’ve always found the sawfish to be one very cool looking real-life creature.  None of the sketches turned out very well though as they all looked a bit too “deliberately” designed as opposed to something that truly looks natural.

It’s like when I see a costume design that has a ton of horns and spikes and huge sweeping pieces of oversized armor and flowing capes and sashes and various other embellishments on it. It certainly looks cool, but it always feels like something an artist went to town on and had a lot of fun designing but not something really believable and natural as an actual thing.

And besides, those sawfish-snout Suul sketches ended up looking too much like dragons for me.

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Dhama Suul

March 24, 2011

With the top sketch, I feel like I found a head design that I liked, so I started playing around with the body. As a mob boss, I wanted him to have an imposing figure, so I went with a big beefy body. I think I loosely had a walrus in mind in terms of overall feel, so that explains the flippers. I didn’t bother spending too much time on the body design since I knew it would be covered up almost entirely in the actual story, what with it being a freezing climate and all.

With the last two designs, I decided to give the character one last go in terms of different looks. I actually like the one on the left as a design, but it’s a bit goofy looking, so not quite the imposing figure I had planned for Suul. With the one on the right, I went back to a previous head sketch, this time with more of the body filled in, and it clicked for me. I think the wide hammerhead shape just made the head so much more distinctive than the one above it. It’s the sort of thing where, if you saw a bunch of different aliens in a lineup, you’d definitely notice him because of the distinctive hammerhead snout. And that’s what I figured his character should be about… someone who stands out in a crowd.

Kickstarter: Character Card Samples

February 20, 2013

Getting very close to launch!! Here are some samples of more rewards: 4×6″ character cards. There will be 8 different cards, each featuring a duo of Snow Job characters. The lower reward tiers will come with one random card (which makes for a nice bookmark), but all mid-level and higher tiers will come with a complete set of 8.

It’s been a lot of fun drawing these characters again, especially the Preegans (left) and Dhama Hes (middle), who only appeared in the first chapter of the story. So it’s been a long while since I’ve had the chance to draw them! It’s like revisiting old friends. Old weird, tentacle-y friends.

Kickstarter Rewards: Character Cards

February 23, 2013

Here are all of the 4″ x 6″ Character Cards that will be available as part of the Runners: The Big Snow Job Kickstarter campaign. There will be 8 total, with each one featuring a pair of characters. Lower tier rewards will come with one random Character Card (which makes for a decent bookmark), but all mid-level and higher rewards will come with a complete set.