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BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Kaagan-Vas Rustlers

June 2, 2011

And here we have the final versions of all three Kaagan-Vas rustlers. I wanted to give Baso a hat to make him stand out from other Ulon Dosi and to also match the other rustlers. Obviously, his doesn’t have any  neck covering though since he doesn’t have a KV tattoo that needed to be concealed.

With Warsaw, I finalized the look of his hat and also added some pattern detailing to his outfit to match Baso’s poncho pattern. With Uskulon, I ditched the lower body coverings and changed his hat. Ultimately, when I got around to actually drawing the story pages, I changed his hat one last time on the fly. I decided that this one was a bit too similar to Warsaw’s and I wanted them to be a little more different. So I went back to the rice paddy look.

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 18

June 6, 2011 Click for full size

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Kaagan-Vas Tattoo

June 9, 2011

This page shows the various concepts I did to come up with the Kaagan-Vas tattoo. I pretty much covered the thought process back on The Big Snow Job #3, Page 9. Basically, I wanted something that would be easy to draw, fairly aggressive and tribal looking, and something evocative of a pirate ship Jolly Roger skull and crossbones. I have to say I’m very happy with the design I came up with, and if anyone out there is in the market for a nice back-of-the-head tattoo, I’d highly recommend going with a Kaagan-Vas mark. 🙂

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 19

June 13, 2011 Click for full size

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Flashback Bocce

June 16, 2011

With the more recent sketchbook Bonus pages, I tried to pair them up with the actual story pages for that week, but the next several don’t really fit the bill. They deal with the Bocce flashback scene and are showing up now since I didn’t have the space for them earlier. Anyway…

With Bocce’s flashback design, I knew his outfit would be based on the one he wears in the present. Since his present-day black outfit is a cultural thing, I figured his flashback outfit would only make sense to have a similar look. The only thing I tried to do with it was to make it a little more rural in feel to go with the farm setting.

And the hand-towel around the waist. Because who couldn’t use a hand towel every now and then. Especially on sloppy joe day.

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 20

June 20, 2011 Click for full size

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Flashback Farm

June 23, 2011

The next several sketchbook pages will focus on the farm from the Bocce Flashback sequence. I was at a real loss with this one when starting out as I had no idea what I wanted. Usually I have something in mind that gives me a nice starting point, but here I had a crippling blank canvas. The only thing I knew was to rule out a whitewashed adobe look since that would be too much like the Lars homestead from Star Wars.

On this page, I was just spitting out building shapes to see if anything grabbed me. Not much did. They all seemed a bit too busy, especially for simple farmers, and none of the shapes were terribly distinctive or memorable. I did like the U-shaped buildings at the bottom, which were based on the U-shaped cuts in Bocce’s shirt collar. I thought that one design element would be a nice way to tie back to the cultural look of the clothing, and it ended up being a nice starting point for the basis of their architecture.

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 21

June 27, 2011 Click for full size

BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Flashback Farm

June 30, 2011

With this page, I started to figure out the basic look of the buildings for Bocce’s farm. I liked the idea of a central room with radiating U-shapes. I also repeated the U-shapes in the doorway arches and window frames to try to get a nice unifying theme going on. It’s also pretty apparent in the stables, both in the roof shapes and the feeding basins.

At this point, I still didn’t really know what I wanted the textures to be. When I actually drew the story pages, I originally made the house and stables constructed of more mechanical bits and steel plating, but it just didn’t look right. The farm was out in the middle of nowhere so I wasn’t sure how they would have gotten all those building supplies there. So I went back to the drawing board to do a second pass. Here is the original version…