August 16, 2010 - Snow Job Ch 04 Pg 01
Snow Job Ch 04 Pg 01

Snow Job Ch 04 Pg 01

Just a random detail that I thought of when designing the Ulon Dosi village huts: the rooftops each have a central basin where snow can collect. The stone chimney runs through the basin, and heat from the fireplace melts the snow into drinking water. So each hut generally has its own reservoir of water. I figure there are slots that allow the water to then be channeled down into the hut itself for easy access, which I guess beats climbing up onto the roof every time you’re thirsty.

After having drawn portions of Clem a number of times on different pages, this was one of those panels where I deliberately wanted a full body shot of him so I could use it for character costume reference going forward instead of constantly flipping between different pages.

Discussion (12)¬

  1. Exxos says:

    They purposely switched Cember and Bennesaud’s positions to mess with our heads!

    Also Sky is in a slave girl bikini ala Princess Leia off panel and we will never see that either… Until the Runners Universe Swimsuit Calendar, only $74.99, available Winter 2010. 😀

  2. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says:

    “Clem”? How did I miss that. (I guess “Goshen” snuck up on me.) We’re going cross-ethnic here? Maybe not so backward a planet.

    The roof reservoir is clever, provided you can keep it watertight. Don’t see much of those over on the ol’ planet.

    “RUSC”. I like. But right now it will be Sky and her clones/species, not much variety. Or at least I hope so, because having Cember would make me blind. (I hope! &_& )

  3. Splox5 says:

    Your talent for world building is inspiring.

  4. Frith Ra says:

    “Land o’ Goshen! How long since we left civilization?” “ah, Clem!”

    Love good, subtle, Firesign Theater references. (Waiting for the Electrician, & I think we’re all bozos on this bus)

    Are we going to see the sacred mound that’s a butte too?

  5. Moose says:

    I hadnt noticed before but they have a little generator and some tooblike containers in the first panel

  6. Sean Wang says:

    Swimsuit calender…hmmm. I’ll have to think about that. Will definitely need a few more female characters first, I guess. Then again, Star Wars didn’t have that many female characters in the original trilogy, although I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be terribly interested in seeing Mon Mothma in a swimsuit.

    As for the generators and whatnot, yeah, I didn’t want the Ulon Dosi to completely technologically undeveloped. So they do have some bits of tech here and there. No idea what they do though, so I guess I’ll go along with them being ice cream makers.

    I’m actually not familiar with Firesign Theater. Are there references to a “Goshen” and Clem” there? If so, and if it makes you appreciate RUNNERS that much more, than…uh…yeah, the Firesign Theater references were totally intentional. 🙂

  7. Dranorter says:

    I like the name Goshen! Didn’t realise it was from firesign theater (people have tried to expose me to that…) but I like to think of it as a deity-ization of the word “gosh”.