August 17, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 05 Pg 14
Bad Goods Ch 05 Pg 14

Bad Goods Ch 05 Pg 14

Discussion (3)¬

  1. geek says:

    you can always count on cember to point out the flaw in the plan.

  2. den says:

    why is there only one door? to not let the air go out and for security reasons there should be at least two doors.

  3. Sean Wang says:

    It took me a little while to figure out what you were saying, Den. Basically, that the tunnel should have at least another door further in, like the locks of a canal that “step up” a vehicle from one state to another. In this case, it would be transitioning ships from the vacuum of space to the pressurized atmosphere of the station. I guess an airlock is what you’re saying.

    Good point. There probably should be a second set of doors. Instead, lets just say that in the long entry tunnels, there are special energy fields that do that job. They don’t affect solid matter like ships but help to contain the atmosphere so that a second set of doors isn’t necessary. So the outer doors are more for security, but once past those, the pressurization is done through these imperceptible fields. Go, go alien technology!