May 28, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 11
Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 11

Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 11

For Roka’s communication system, I could have gone with the convention of having characters just speaking aloud and having that picked up by mics in the cockpit. But for visual reasons, I just thought it’d be more fun to have him use an earpiece with an attached mic when he communicates with other vessels. And I always loved the look of old-school coiled telephone cords, so I had to include that as well.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Zeus says:

    Please tell me that the top portion of the escort ships detaches from the “long distance engine/secondary gun” portion for high-speed, near-space/atmospheric pursuit? That would be awesome. I hope we someday get to see one of the JSP fighters really cut loose. And to someday see the Brimia decked out in weaponry. I wish I could remember what happened to the Tique Amara. I’d salvage the hell out of that ship and sell what I couldn’t use on the Brimia to upgrade it’s guns and armor. I really should go re-read the trade.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    I had actually imagined that the top portion could detach from the main engine/gun housing as a lifepod. It kinda made sense to me since the pilot wouldn’t have to go anywhere to get INTO a life pod. He’d already be in it. Kinda like a jet pilot ejecting his seat out of a fighter canopy, except in this case, the pilot would be ejecting the entire canopy with himself inside it. Plus he’d still have a gun on his lifepod, just in case.

    As for decking out the Brimia in weaponry, who knows what will happen when the bigger story rolls around and tensions escalate in the universe…

  3. Gerren says:

    I like the corded listening device… it reminds me of what they have in submarines.

  4. Cyko says:

    This is Victer Beta Charlie…..Damnit Richerd, will you quit playing with the Cord

    Sorry couldn’t resist

    Truth be told I liked the bit where he just holds it to his ear dont know why but those things always stick with me