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New Epilogue Under Way!

April 3, 2012

A couple weeks ago, I scripted the all-new epilogue for The Big Snow Job. Looks like it will be 6 pages, of which I now have the first 3 penciled. I plan to pencil the other 3 and ink all 6 this week. Hopefully, by the end of next week, it will all be colored and lettered.

New Review on Ain’t It Cool News

April 18, 2012

Runners: The Big Snow Job just got a great review on Ain’t It Cool News! I’ve been sending preview copies of the story out to review sites with the intention of including some pull quotes in the printed volume, and this review was just posted. Check it out!

In other news, the 6-page epilogue is now completely inked and I will be coloring and lettering it in the next week or two. If I didn’t mention it before, it will be exclusive to the printed graphic novel as a little bonus thank you to everyone dropping their hard-earned benjamins for the printed book. Do people still say, “benjamins?”

Mecha Zone Video and Robot Artbooks

April 25, 2012

My friend David White is an awesome artist who specializes in mecha art (AKA big robots). He put out two artbooks over the last couple years and they are fantastic! If you like robots or just cool technical artwork in general, check out the video link, which features cool, transforming robot animations. And then buy the books, which are chockful of great illustrations and even include drawing tips and tutorials!

Check out the video here!