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BONUS CONTENT: Art Tweak: Brimia Interior, Pt 1

July 8, 2010

The next few Bonus Feature posts will be a little different and focus on some art revisions I made to the Brimia scene that started on The Big Snow Job #1, Page 10. As I mentioned on that page’s commentary, for this story arc, I tweaked the details of the interior a bit to simplify things but then found the new design to be a bit too simple. So I went back and re-designed the interior again to get back to a more interesting sci-fi look.

This page shows two panels from that sequence, comparing the old versions with the revised versions. As you can see, the old ones just felt a bit too stucco-y and plain. There wasn’t a lot of geometry breaking up the large flat surfaces, and the trimwork around the doors and consoles was too thin.

BONUS CONTENT: Art Tweak: Brimia Interior, Pt 2

July 15, 2010

More examples of the art revisions I made to the Brimia scene from The Big Snow Job #1, Page 10. Like the trim everywhere else, the original skylight (or would that be “starlight?”) trim was way too thin, especially for a part of the ship that transitions from interior to outer space. As it is, it’s still a bit thin and I’ll most likely thicken it when it next shows up, but it’s definitely better. I think the grate ceiling adds a slightly industrial look, which I like infinitely better than the weird drop-ceiling of the old version.

With the lower panel, I didn’t change too much. It’s mostly the railing, which was just a tad boring. I thought the central arch shape and radiating bars would be more interesting since they would break up the background in certain angles more than that single horizontal bar would. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I also changed the grate pattern on the ramp to have the same arch shape.

I also changed the random wall console into more of the blue storage locker shapes that run all around the room. Easier to draw!

BONUS CONTENT: Art Tweak: Brimia Interior, Pt 3

July 22, 2010

And here we have the last examples of the art revisions I made to the Brimia scene from The Big Snow Job #1, Page 10. This shows the new railing I mentioned in the last post and how it’s a bit more interesting shape-wise than the original horizontal bar.

The corridor to the cockpit is pretty much the same, but the wall on the left always felt really weird and flat. The new version is still pretty flat, but the grooves at least break up the surface in a more interesting way, and the continuation of the blue trim makes it feel much more cohesive.

Overall, I really like the blue and gray palette of the interior in the new version. I originally went with the tan color to make the common area feel warmer and homier, but it just didn’t register as very sci-fi to me. Changing it to gray makes it seem more like what it is: metal. But there’s also a good amount of the blue to add some color and still keep the room feeling homey.