Welcome, retailers!

My name is Sean Wang and I would love to offer you FREE copies of my sci-fi comic series, RUNNERS.

RUNNERS is a fun space adventure that revolves around a crew of alien smugglers as it builds into a more complex intergalactic war story. So far, it has been extremely well received, being called the “best science fiction adventure I have read in years” (Stan Sakai) and a “comic that stands head and shoulders above so many comics out there today” (Ain’t It Cool News).

Over the years, I have built up a very enthusiastic following with the first two graphic novel volumes, Bad Goods and The Big Snow Job. After taking some time off to focus on freelance work and plot out the entire remainder of the RUNNERS series (10 volumes total), I am now ramping up to begin full-time production again and am committed to producing the series, regularly and continuously, until the story is finished.

As an indie creator, every bit of retailer support helps tremendously, so I am hoping your store will be willing to carry the series. I would be very happy to send you a FREE copy of each volume and will even cover the shipping, so there is absolutely no risk to you. I only hope that you will give it a try and check it out. If you enjoy it, I hope you will share it with the staff there so they can experience the series as well and then recommend RUNNERS to customers.

All future RUNNERS Kickstarter campaigns will offer excellent retailer incentives and discounts that I hope you will consider taking advantage of. I will also be listing the books in Previews in the fall of 2018 to make re-ordering easy in the future.

I genuinely think RUNNERS would appeal to many of your comic readers. If you would like your free copies to check out, please just contact me using the request form below, and I will get the books out to you right away:

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you will consider supporting RUNNERS!

Sean Wang Runners Snow Job #1 p16-18

Sean Wang Runners Snow Job #2 p01-02

Sean Wang Runners Snow Job #2 p01-02

Sean Wang Runners Snow Job #5 p05-04

Sean Wang Runners Snow Job #5 p05-04