Vol 1 at Printer!

The files for Volume 1 are now at the printer!! We’ll see what turnaround time is but I expect it’ll be a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ll be ordering the reward items, like prints and character cards, and starting to sign the Vol 2 books  that I already have here. So once I get the new books, I’ll already have most of the other stuff ready to go.

Kickstarter backers should also be on the lookout for download links to the digital edition! Those will be sent out very shortly. Woot woot!!

RUNNERS Vol 1 Color Page Swap

I am now just about done with all the random work for the book (bonus content, ISBN info, reviewing all artwork and lettering, etc), so it’ll be going off to the printer very shortly.

I’ll also be looking to swap out all the old b&w pages here on runnersuniverse.com with the new color pages. All the old commentary and comments will stay, but it’ll be nice to have all the story content in color on this site!

RUNNERS Vol 1 Coloring Done!!

It took a little bit longer than anticipated (ack — the detail was more than I remembered!), but the coloring of Volume 1: Bad Goods is now finished! I’m now in the review phase, like checking the lettering to make sure it fits certain comic rules I was not aware of back then. Thanks to blambot.com for those handy tips! I am also currently doing a review of all the actual art to make sure no coloring errors slipped by me. After that, I will be moving on to the bonus material for the book, which shouldn’t take too long, and then it’s FINALLY off to the printer!

Depending on the print time, I should have the books in very early 2019, at which time I will be fulfilling the Kickstarter and pre-sale orders. If you still want to PRE-ORDER a book, you can do so from my Store.

In the meantime, here is a sampling of the colored pages:

Thanks everyone for your patience during this coloring process. At some point, I’ll also be replacing all the old b&w Vol 1 art here on runnersuniverse with the new colored pages. Hopefully that won’t be too much of a hassle.

And then it’s on to VOLUME 3 in 2019!! I may have mentioned it a while back, but that volume is already fully scripted and will be an extra long story, the equivalent of 8 issues, compared to the 5 issues of volumes 1 and 2. There’s still a bit of concepting to be done for that book for all the new characters and locations, and I’ll also need some time to look into a colorist to help me with the book. So while there’s still a bit of pre-production time needed before pages start posting, the colorist should help me make up for it in terms of speeding up production and getting the actual book out faster!

Vol 1 Pre-Order Now Live at Store

For anyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can now PRE-ORDER the new color version of RUNNERS Volume 1: Bad Goods from the Store! It will be available in paperback, hardcover, and digital editions, and you can also order the character cards and prints.

Items are scheduled to shop September/October 2018.

Kickstarter Success!!

HUZZAH!! We did it!! The Kickstarter campaign for RUNNERS Vol 1 ended last night and made it to the funding goal, with a bit extra to spare! Thanks everyone for backing the project and supporting it on social media. I can’t wait to get it to everyone, and then get cracking on Volume 3!!

For anyone who missed the campaign, you can order the new color edition of Volume 1, as well as Volume 2, from my Store.

Thanks again everyone!!

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