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Good News, Bad News, and Good News

April 8, 2019

Just an update on the printing of my colored RUNNERS Volume 1 book: there’s good news, bad news, and good news again.

The Good News: about a week ago, the printed books were delivered!

The Bad News: Upon reviewing the books, I was super disappointed to see that a lot of pages were oversaturated, throwing the look of the characters off and making those pages too dark overall. I’m not crazy-nitpicky, but it was certainly something that made the art less than it should be, especially as the volume that’s supposed to launch the entire series. And for a year of coloring work and as the book that I’ll be selling for years to come, I just wasn’t happy with the results. For the past week, I’ve been waiting as the printer reviewed their files to see if it was a problem on their end or mine (although I already knew it was not mine).

The Good News: I talked to the printer today and they did acknowledge that it was a saturation setting on their end. We discussed options, but ultimately I want to have the run reprinted with the correct color settings. Unfortunately, since they’re schedule is pretty packed, the new run won’t be until June. They suggested that I could fulfill current orders with the books in hand and they’d reprint the remaining, but this didn’t seem fair. I didn’t want the earliest supporters (Kickstarter backers and pre-sale buyers) to get the “inferior” version now, just to have a better version later. So I guess we all wait.

I feel terrible about this on many fronts. I really hate the idea of pulping an entire run of books, but they really fall short of my expectations for the art. I really hate the idea of making people wait even longer to get the books. But I hope everyone will be understanding and find the wait worth it. I want to get people the best possible version of the book, and I hope this next print run will make that possible.

On the plus side, the printer has been nice to work with. They also printed my Vol 2 color book a number of years ago, and that was spot-on perfect. I don’t know what happened with this one, but they have been willing to make it right, which is great.

More updates to come…

RUNNERS Now Live on Patreon!

April 12, 2019

It’s official: I have launched my ongoing RUNNERS comic project on Patreon!

For those unfamiliar, Patreon is kinda like Kickstarter, but instead of making a one-time pledge for a physical product, you back a project’s ongoing creation and are charged a regular monthly amount (although you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time). Like Kickstarter, there are different tiers, and I will (eventually) be offering different ongoing rewards, including access to the comic at the script, pencil, and ink stages, as well as fully-layered color files. Also, sketchbook pages with commentary and even some polling input on designs.

Right now, it is a “soft launch” since Patreon is changing its structure a bit in May. In order to get grandfathered into the current rates, I needed to launch now, before the changes take effect. So I currently won’t be offering the actual rewards. Those will start later this year, once I get through the pre-production phase of Vol 3 and start producing actual pages.

In the meantime, the current tiers are just set up as donations. If you are a fan of the series or just feel like supporting me in this endeavor, you can join Patreon (it’s super easy to create an account) and back and any of the tier levels. You’ll be charged that amount at the beginning of every month, but you’ll be helping me finance the long-term production of the series. And later this year, depending on the tier, you’ll be getting access to a number of behind-the-scenes content that will be exclusive to Patreon backers.

Thanks everyone! It’s a very exciting time to be a comic creator but still an incredibly uphill battle, as an indie creator, to get the series into financially solvent territory. But I’m excited to get the series going again and keep it going until the full story is told!

Check out the RUNNERS Patreon project HERE.

RUNNERS Now Available On ComiXology!

April 18, 2019

I am SUPER excited to announce that RUNNERS is finally available on the digital comic site ComiXology!! The Volume 1 graphic novel is available for purchase, and even better, I also have a FREE preview issue available, which includes the first 2 chapters of the series! Please help me spread the word: now anyone on ComiXology can try the first 2 issues of RUNNERS for free! And Vol 2 will be coming to the site shortly as well!


For anyone unfamiliar with ComiXology, you have to BUY the books through their website. Once you buy them, you can read them via the app. I just don’t think you can buy through the app. And through the ComiXology app, you can read the book with their cool Guided View feature, which advances the story panel-by-panel on your device. It makes for a fun new way to read the series other than page-by-page (although that is also an option).

You can get the FREE Preview issue HERE.

And you can get the full Volume 1  graphic novel HERE.

And please remember to give it a good rating!! 🙂