I’ve very excited to announce that RUNNERS Volume 1: Bad Goods will be re-issued very shortly IN COLOR!

While I still think the b&w version of Vol 1 works well, I know that b&w art can be a deterrent for some readers, which I’d hate to be the case with my series. Also, after having done Vol 2 in color, I really do think color helps sell the sci-fi world of the series quite a bit. As I started working on Vol 3, I decided that Vol 1 really should be in color sooner rather than later to (a) open up the series to as many readers as possible, and (b) visually match Vol 2 and all future RUNNERS books, which will also be in color.

I am currently putting together a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the new color Vol 1, and I hope to launch the campaign on May 21. Please help me spread the word about the Kickstarter and the new color version of Bad Goods! The Kickstarter would be a great time for new readers to jump onto the series and current readers to experience the first book in a whole new way. In the meantime, keep checking here for more page samples and additional info on the upcoming campaign!

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  1. Kit Brown says:

    Ooooooo! Canon Grissom colors incoming?

    Can’t wait to see just how on/off the mark I was with my guesses haha 8’D

    • Sean Wang says:

      Yes!! Grissom colors are done! I was very tempted to go with whitish skin, but with the fur and horns, I thought she’d be too similar to the Ulon Dosi goat aliens from Vol 2. So I went another way. I actually ended up reversing things a bit, so her skin is darker than the head tattoo. I’ll probably be posting one of those pages soon as another sneak preview page.

  2. I already have the b & w version and no money so I’ll stick with that. But the colors in the samples are really good.

    • Sean Wang says:

      No problem! I think if people are happy with the b&w version, they can stick with that. I’m just hoping enough people are interested in a color version that the Kickstarter can be successfully funded!

  3. GaBe says:

    Just what I was hoping for! I loved the black and white version, but the colors were so amazing in book 2, that I immediately wanted colors for book 1!!

  4. Kit Brown says:

    ((Sudden random observation: The second example page, last panel, the little green guy on the far right with a familiar looking nose… a random member of Suul’s race walking around, perchance? Or just a coincidence? 030 ))

    • Sean Wang says:

      Ha ha! That would be very interesting. But alas it is just another random alien with somewhat similar features. But maybe a divergent species with ancient common ancestry with Suul’s race??