Convention Appearances 2014

With the new Runners graphic novel in hand, I’ll be hitting the convention circuit this year! It’s been a while, so I’m super excited to hit the road. In addition to both Runners graphic novels (Vol 1: Bad Goods and Vol 2: The Big Snow Job), I will also have some of the Kickstarter items, like prints, character card sets, and the expanded Sketchbook, in case you missed them during the project campaign.

So far, I am scheduled to set up at the following shows:

C2E2 (Chicago, IL): April 25-27

Hartford Comic Con (Hartford, CT): May 31 – June 1

ConnectiCon (Hartford, CT): July 10-13

Boston Comic Con (Boston, MA): August 8-10

Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA): August 29 – Sept 1

Baltimore Comic-Con (Baltimore, MD): September 5-7

I’m still looking into (and waiting to hear back from ) a couple other shows, so hopefully more will be announced later in the season. Hope to see some of you at the shows!

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    That’s quite a schedule already.
    I hope you get even more fans.

    How was C2E2?

    • Sean Wang says:

      C2E2 was awesome! They have a really nice setup with plenty of Artist Alley space and room for exhibiting artists to breathe, which is always a pleasant surprise. I sold a good amount of books and did some commission pieces as well. I used to just do pencil sketches at shows, but starting with C2E2, I wanted to try inking them as well. That seemed to work really well so I suppose I’ll continue to ink commissions at future shows! I did realize that I should get set up with Square so I can accept credit card payments, so I plan to have that by the Hartford show.

  2. GaBe says:

    Is this webcomic dead? Or can we expect more story arcs in the future?

    • Sean Wang says:

      Hi GaBe! Unfortunately, for right now, it’s on hiatus. Since finishing The Big Snow Job, my regular freelance work has snowballed drastically. The great thing about that is I can depend on regular income to pay the bills! The only downside is that it has been so time-consuming, that I haven’t had time to get back to Runners. I truly hope to get to more Runners stories, especially sooner rather than later, but I just haven’t been able to make that work yet with my current freelance schedule. Please feel free to Like my Runners Facebook fan page though. Any news regarding the series will certainly show up there!

      • GaBe says:

        That is great news! I’m glad it’s not dead and I’m even more glad you are getting steady work – that’s more than a lot of artists can say! I don’t mind waiting =)