Kickstarter Rewards: Expanded Sketchbook

Here are some sample pages from the Runners: The Big Snow Job Sketchbook, one of the many Kickstarter rewards available. While the actual graphic novel will have 10 pages of select sketchbook content, this expanded stand-alone sketchbook will contain much more material. It will be a 64-page, perfect bound, comic-sized book chockful of concept sketches and designs for the various aliens, costumes, props, weapons, environments, and space yak that appear in the story. Each page will also include plenty of commentary describing the thought process that went into the designs. Much of the content and commentary has also been posted here at over the course of the story, but I figured it’d be nice to have a single printed volume of the work to save people the effort of all that pesky clicking.

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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    I enjoyed the sketch and commentary pages in MELTDOWN.

    The people that chose this reward should be in for a treat.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    Yeah, I’m the kind of guy who loves writer/director commentaries on DVDs, so it was fun for me to do this kind of thing with both Meltdown and especially Runners, with all the alien and sci-fi trappings. Great to hear that other people like it too!

  3. Mano says:

    Hey Sean,

    Love the idea of a Kickstarter for the Big Snow Job! 😀 Bad Goods holds a prime spot on my ‘favs’ bookshelf and I can’t wait to read the physical book for Vol 2. I’m also a fan of the background material and extras, so this sketchbook sounds ideal.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Can the sketchbook be added to one of the lower tiers, or is it only available from the $60 Militia level?
    2. Is the Bad Goods graphic novel from the original print run, or did you go back to print?
    3. Can the Bad Goods PDF be added separate from the physical graphic novel (for those who already have the 1st GN)?

    Thanks very much and congrats on the early success of the Kickstarter – you’re already 75% there (but I’m sure you’ll eclipse that mark easily)!

  4. Sean Wang says:

    Hi Mano and thanks for the awesome compliments! Great questions too and ones that some other people have also voiced. I’ll be adding these to my FAQ on the project page but I’ll also answer here:

    1) I’d like to keep the Sketchbook from being an add-on so that the campaign doesn’t get too crazy with too many a la carte items. Also I like it as a special incentive for the higher tier. That being said, after I fulfill all rewards, it’s HIGHLY probable that I will have a number of extra Sketchbooks left, which I would then offer in the Store section of this site.

    2) The Bad Goods GN is the same one from before and same print run.

    3) The Bad Goods PDF can be added to any reward (that doesn’t already include it!) for $7.


  5. Mano says:

    Thanks for answering my questions, Sean, much appreciated!

    And, best of luck with the rest of the Kickstarter – hopefully you’ve thought ahead to some awesome stretch goals!

  6. Richard Peppers says:

    Hey there, I ordered the sketchbook pdf the other day but was never sent a download link. Are these automatic or is it normal to take a day or two? I have a receipt but may have messed up somewhere. That being said I love the ship designs are there any detailed floor plans in any of the books?

    • Sean Wang says:

      Hi Richard! I will be sending you the download link shortly. Sorry for the slight delay. I don’t have it set up as an automatic thing so I have to manually send out the links for each digital order. Thanks for bringing my attention to that. I should get that info on the site so people know.

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