Graphic Novel Cover Revealed!

With one week to go until I officially launch my Kickstarter campaign, I figured now would probably be a good time to maybe get the actual front cover to the book done. So here it is: the front cover for the upcoming Runners: The Big Snow Job graphic novel!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Awesome cover and the blue hues fit well with the weather conditions in the story.

    Ril is noticeably absent, I can image him being on the back of the cover sorting out his arsenal.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    Ha ha. That actually might be a funny image to have on the back cover. It is now under official consideration! The real reason Ril is missing is because I didn’t want the cover to get TOO crowded as it already has a lot of characters. I love everyone in the crew and never want to leave anyone out, but it definitely gets tough when it comes to covers, where fewer characters seem to pop more than a bunch.