July 18, 2011 - Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 24
Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 24
July 18, 2011

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 24

And here we have the call-back to the root beetle dinner scene from The Big Snow Job #1, Page 10. I just couldn’t resist the idea of them being stuck with a bunch of charred yak heads for food, since that seemed like the perfect way to end the arc. Well, perfect for us. Not so much for them.

And there you have it. This page wraps up The Big Snow Job arc of RUNNERS. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and drawing it. Look for the graphic novel collection in the Fall of 2011. If you enjoyed the series, please consider buying a copy of the book to show your support, since I don’t really make any money off of the webcomic version. And feel free to buy a copy of the first book, Bad Goods, while you’re at it! I’d hate to think all those trees died for nothing.

See you in arc 3!

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  1. David Carles says:

    Nice ending Sean,
    I will order my copy from your website as soon it out. Thank for this wonderfull ride!



  2. The MacNut says:

    Like I said before, sucks to be a low-level smuggling crew in the Runnersverse. That Dhama could have stiffed them out their pay even if they’d delivered, and what could they have done about it? Meanwhile, over-done yak heads for the next month, yum!

    I’ll definitely be buying the GNs of this series, Sean.

  3. I’ll definitely buy the next trade when it’s ready. Thanks for making such a cool comic.

  4. mike says:

    I’ll 2nd the “Nice Ending Sean”. Can’t wait to see it all in print…


  5. Feroz Nazir says:

    Great story.

    Be sure to put aside both trades for me I’m definitely going to buy these.

  6. Sean Wang says:

    Thanks everybody for tuning in and thanks for all the great comments over the course of the story! I’ll be posting a wrap-up comment on the main page shortly for more info about this website and the graphic novel….

  7. Jason Levine says:

    This was a really fun read and I look forward to ordering the Trade. Been a fan since I ran into you at SDCC a number of years ago, picked up the issues of “Bad Goods” and then picked up the Trade for it as well. Thank you for continuing to bring us theses characters and enjoying yourself. 🙂

  8. Tim says:

    Wow, I just finished the whole of the Runner’s series. Bravo sir, bravo! I look forward to act 3. Yes I realise I am posting a year after this finished, but I hope it continues.

  9. Sean Wang says:

    Thanks Tim! Sure it’s been a year, but I guess it’s never too late to discover the series! 🙂

    • Tim says:

      Beyond the Western Deep sent me your way, and I’m glad they did! Been a sci-fi fan since Star Wars (the prequel never happened) and I’m glad to more sci-fi worlds that bring back that spirit of adventure and grand scale, virtues which are sorely lacking in many current scifi productions.

      Btw, favourite characters are Bennesaud and Ril, but all the cast are hardcore mofos, congrats!

  10. Sean Wang says:

    Yeah, Beyond the Western Deep is a fantastic-looking comic and Alex is a great guy. I’m a bit behind on that site myself, but really look forward to catching up once my Kickstarter madness is over! 🙂

  11. Forlath says:

    Came across Bad Goods purely by chance while browsing in my local comic book store, was intrigued and bought it on the spot. Absolutely loved it and was delighted to find Snow Job online. Love the story lines, artwork, characters, dialogue, all of it! Thank you for what has now become two of my favorite graphic novels!

    • Sean Wang says:

      Thanks for the awesome comments, Forlath! Glad you liked the series and thanks so much for taking a chance on it! Now that all my Kickstarter rewards are just about fulfilled, I’ll be adding the Snow Job graphic novel to my Store here on runnersuniverse.com. I’ll also be adding some of the extra Kickstarter reward items, like prints and the expanded sketchbook. It’ll be nice to finally have a few more Runners items in the Store other than just the first book! 🙂

  12. XMinusOne says:

    To say I’m mightily impressed by these comics would be a considerable understatement. The character, equipment and space craft designs are truly inventive; as are the story lines, the pacing and the dialogue. The line art and coloring really bring the characters and settings alive. Being a fan of Science Fiction, this series was overall an enjoyable read.

    Will there be additional adventures to come?

    • Sean Wang says:

      Thanks so much!! It was definitely a lot of work but worth it when readers get a kick out of the final product. I have a lot more stories planned, so the biggest issue is finding enough time in my freelance schedule to do it. Hopefully I can get to it soon!

  13. leadscreamer says:

    Today i received booth copies oft the runners – and i am really enjoying the read! The setting and the characters have everything i could dream of! Hope you’ll find the time to go on! All the best from germany.

    • Sean Wang says:

      A bit belatedly, thanks for the nice words! I’m glad the books arrived safely (I always get a bit nervous with international shipments), and I’m even happier that you enjoyed them!

      I am excited to get to the next story. The trick now is figuring out where in my busy freelance schedule I can fit it in. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure something out soon!

  14. Fourth Master says:

    Count me in as another person sent here by Beyond the Western Deep. I love what you’ve done here, wih setting and characters. It reminds me of Star Wars, but I never get the sense that you’re ripping off of Star Wars. Great art, too. My science fiction-obsessed younger self ate this right up.

    Looking forward to another story out of this, and I wish you the best of luck!


    • Sean Wang says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the kind words, Fourth. Always great to hear that it captures the feel of Star Wars, without being derivative of it, which was always my goal. And nice to hear that you’re reading Beyond the Western Deep. Great comic and awesome creators!

  15. BigShadow says:

    do u ever plan to change the comment section to disqus?

    • Sean Wang says:

      I am actually not very familiar with Disqus. I know the name but don’t post much on other forums, so I’m not very familiar with it. But it’s something I can look into, if readers think it offers something that the Comments section on this site doesn’t.