BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Khoruysa Brimia

And the last sketchbook page for now…

Here are a few more concept sketches for the interior of the Khoruysa Brimia, most notably the lounge sitting area of the main commons room, as well as the opposite side of the room, the door and window into the galley next to the dining table.

I also redesigned the cockpit chairs for this story arc, since the chairs in Bad Goods were a bit clunky and had too much detail to draw over and over again. As it turns out, these new cockpit chairs are also a bit too complicated, so I may end up doing another simplifying pass to make them more “drawing friendly.”

Look for them in Arc 3!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Exxos says:

    Those chairs look uncomfortable too. I would say they should be based of a design similar to a high-end semi truck seat – cushy, largish, very adjustable, and on an XYZ absorber pedestal. But then again, we don’t know what the designers of the Brimia’s class look like, they might be lobster-people that would find those chairs orgasmically comfy.

    • Exxos says:

      I just realized that this might have come off as rude or dickish of me, I am sorry if it might be misconstrued as such as that was not the intent. Constructive criticism and all that.

      Though also, the seats might not have to match the Brimia’s design. Roka and Ril might have swapped out seats for ones of their choice – which would fit with Roka making comfort modifications to the ship over the years.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    Ha ha. No, not dickish at all. I’ve had a lot of feedback over the years and while I love the positive feedback, I also enjoy getting the negative, which in many cases is quite valid and helps give me a different perspective. In this case, I do agree that the chairs don’t look super comfortable, especially the hard-edged sides. There will certainly be cases where I choose a cool visual over actual practicality (most often in things like alien physiology, where coolness trumps realistic design), and that kinda happened with these chairs. So while a bit uncomfortable, I at least thought they looked pretty cool. As I mentioned in my post though, they’re a pain in the ass to draw! So I’m pretty sure they’ll be getting a makeover anyway into something a bit more streamlined and probably more comfortable looking. Beanbag chairs, maybe? 🙂