May 16, 2011 - Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 15
Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 15

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 15

Staging this scene was a little difficult in that I wanted Bocce and the two Kaagan-Vas separated from everyone else for their confrontation. In the earlier pages, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d pull that off believably, but I think the previous explosion was big enough, that I can buy some characters getting tossed a bit further than others. I think the tiered drop-down onto a lower level also helps convey the physical separation from the main level of activity in some small way.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, this is gonna be good!

  2. Exxos says:

    I have a feeling that with Bocce’s rage and practiced fine manipulation of his arm, those two are in for a word of hurt.

    It might just be the magnification, but that his arm seems to have a little more fuzziness to the edges plays well into his emotional state. Like his arm is barely contained.

  3. The MacNut says:

    Llllet’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLE!

  4. Buzz says:

    Not to be spammy, but I wanted to mention a new RPG that is currently being Kickstarted called BULLDOGS! It’s being called “The Han Solo RPG”, and seems totally in the vein of Runners:

    Runners originally had me reaching the Starblazer Adventures RPG, but Bulldogs looks way, way cooler (and better designed).

  5. Dranorter says:

    You killed my father! Prepare to die!

  6. Sean Wang says:

    And he even has the little nicks on his cheek! Now I just need to work Bennesaud into the background to take Andre the Giant’s place.