March 7, 2011 - Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 05
Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 05

Snow Job Ch 05 Pg 05

I would have loved to draw out the top sequence a bit more by having some additional shots of Keyla really weighing the situation, maybe with shots of her looking at Goshen and then at Clem before making her decision. But I have to cover a lot of ground with the 24 pages of this issue, so I figured 3 panels would have to be enough to cover the scene.

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  1. Exxos says:

    Wait… Green dude has teeth in a saw arrangement… Is that Suul?!

  2. ArtieTech says:

    Nah, I’m guessing Suul gives the orders, these guys are a hit squad. Maybe we will meet Suul later?

  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Given the way green dude/Rake Face is dressed and since he was giving all the orders I think Exxos might be right.

  4. Exxos says:

    Or maybe it is a member of Suul’s family, like his son and primary capo, Shmooley Suul.

  5. Joe C says:

    Or maybe just a buddy of Bennesaud’s from his time with Suul, who didn’t go independent like Bennesaud did. From the Dhamas we’ve seen they don’t look to get involved personally in matters like this.

    • Exxos says:

      Plus Hes’ reference to “old sawtooth” makes it sound like Suul would be a bit older. Green dude looks a little too young to be “old anything.” Though you never know how a species ages. Though speaking of Hes, he surrounded himself with his own kind, so there is at least that tiny detail to support thinking that that guy is at the least possibly the same species as Suul.

  6. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says:

    I think the introspective sequence makes Keyla seem that stronger, a counterweight to Clem. So yes, tension diffused in (too) short time, but it works well for the characters IMHO.

  7. Feroz Nazir says:

    Torbjörn makes a good point and also take into account that the longer version of the scene has been used by many before you.

    Keyla’s quick yet hard decision felt like a fresh approach to a familiar scene.

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