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BONUS CONTENT: Sketchbook: Ulon Dosi Body

January 6, 2011

With the Ulon Dosi head settled, I then tackled the body. As a side note, sometimes I sketch the entire body and head at the same time if I’m going for an interesting overall silhouette. In this case, I wanted to establish the personality of the race with the head first, and then use that to derive the body.

I wanted the Ulon Dosi to be beefy and intimidating, so the broad shoulders and slightly hunched bodies were there from the get-go. I also thought about having different striped patterns in the fur, a concept that I either abandoned or forgot about once I got to the coloring stage (oops).

Early on, I stumbled upon the idea of the fur capes, which was something I really liked since I personally had never seen that kind of concept before. You can read some of my comments about the fur capes back on The Big Snow Job #3, Pages 14-15. Of course those fur capes made the clothing much more awkward to design since the clothes now couldn’t wrap around or under the arms the way normal shirts can. More on the clothing in the next post…