April 5, 2010 - Snow Job Ch 03 Pg 06
Snow Job Ch 03 Pg 06

Snow Job Ch 03 Pg 06

Ah, puns…the lowest form of humor. And nothing’s more unfunny than having to explain a joke. Unless you’re Cember, in which case explaining a joke is pretty funny too.

I can only imagine in those last three panels, Warsaw is thinking to himself, “Really? We were beaten by these losers?”

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  1. The interplay between these two is great!

  2. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says:

    But Cember’s flaky humor _fits_ the surroundings!

    More seriously, perhaps, humor is very cultural dependent. That is a problem for sci fi series, albeit not an unsurmountable one. In cases where you have a common language, presumably you can attach some form of common humor to it. Perhaps especially puns, relying for most part on language.

    Which brings me to my objection here. Working english has ~ 3 times the word count of my native language working vocabulary [swedish], due to reason of structure. So here, even though puns is still considered boring when used at length, it is rather more of an effort to produce them. They may here be considered to reach above humor such as hospital jokes and similar strained efforts to ease tension. I rather like them myself (in case you hadn’t guessed :-o), especially when I can let loose in english.

    But each to their own, and Cember to his.

  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Poor Ril, but that was very funny. 😀

  4. Sean Wang says:

    Interesting points, Torbjorn. I will amend my earlier statement and say that puns are NOT the lowest form of humor. After all, they’re certainly a notch above knock-knock jokes, which are themselves another notch above prop comics. And yeah, I’ll admit that I like using them too. 🙂

  5. Frith Ra says:

    @ Torbjörn: So why couldn’t I make a pun in Norwegian that my friends & family there would recognize as a pun? & I got pretty good at both Bokmal & the local dialect.

    Of course verbing a noun in any of the Scandinavian dialects I’ve learned is a challenge.

  6. Nothing makes a day better than Cember being Cember.

  7. Yeah, that’s just adding insult to injury for those “rustlers”.

  8. Matt says:


  9. Kitomakazu says:

    Woah you guys! I don’t mean to rain… er… snow … *ahem* on your parade, but did we forget something? This is only the third chapter. It can’t be that close to wrapping up, there’s bound to be more complications coming out of this Snow Job more than armed bandits. Da da dun dun dun…..

  10. Moose says:

    Oh come on, Im sure he’s been wanting to use that line for days. I say let him have it, i liked it ^^

  11. kat says:

    I… am laughing so hard right now. Oh, Cember.

    Also (since I’m just catching up) Bennesaud is severely awesome in the last two strips….

  12. Lurch says:

    Personally, I consider the pun to be the HIGHEST form of humor. At least, literary. (Buster Keaton wins in physical humor – hands down). Puns are followed (not too closely, that would be tailgating, and not at all safe) by “Riffing”… that is, providing suitable commentary to life and/or cinema (Including TV crap) in the manner best demonstrated by MST3K.

    Knock-knock jokes are rarely funny at all.

    But then again, I like dead baby jokes