January 14, 2010 - Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 14
Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 14

Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 14

All the rolls and bags on the lead yak were an addition to this issue. I originally hadn’t thought about them, but in doing this sequence (where the rustlers pick up some additional gear) and the scene at the border patrol (where the guards go through their belongings), I realized they would have a decent amount of stuff on them that they’d travel with, IE camping gear, food, etc. If you go back, you’ll see that the gear isn’t shown in the opening sequence of issue #1. Let’s just say the supply-loaded yak are simply off-panel in that sequence, shall we?

Or, since it is a sci-fi book, we’ll say they’re cloaked. 🙂

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  1. SKleefeld says:

    They must have been off-panel… “No ship that small has a cloaking device.” 😉

  2. They keep it in the same place Optimus Prime stores his trailer and Bugs Bunny hides all those disguises.

  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Talk about tension on that last panel. It will be hard to wait for the next installment.

  4. David Carles says:

    He look pissed! lol, I will not like to be in Roka shoe’s.

  5. Moose says:

    I think its in regards to Benn’s connection to that other boss. So what’d you think, Brother, Father, or just very skilled Lt. to the boss, and something the boss did made Benny there very angry, but we wont find out for another 5-6 books 😛

  6. Houlihan says:

    Wow, they’re really going for each other’s throats…
    If they keep this up, the team will be split fast.
    Not to mention Benne would probably kick Roka’s ass.

  7. Sean Wang says:

    Yeah, I’m really happy with the dynamic between Roka and Bennesaud in this story arc as it adds a nice layer of tension within the group. As if they won’t have enough to deal with OUTSIDE the group as well!

  8. […] behind the saddle bag that Warsaw is rummaging through. It can also just barely be seen way back in issue #2 on page 14, with Baso adding it to their gear from the lockbox. Ultimately, I decided I didn’t need to […]

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