December 7, 2009 - Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 03
Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 03

Snow Job Ch 02 Pg 03

It’s very easy to stick to medium and close-up shots during scenes of dialogue between characters. It’s the natural choice since, as an artist, you want to capture the facial expressions, but it also gets to be a bit monotonous at times. With panel 2, I deliberately tossed in a long-shot of the ship in order to help break up the sameness of the other panels.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Houlihan says:

    Hahaha! And yet again, Ril throws in his two cents which always
    makes me laugh. I love the whole panel dedicated to Bocce’s stink eye
    to Ril. 😀

  2. justjeff45 says:

    Just slug the smart mouth and go back into the ship.

  3. Lurch says:

    let me guess, too. Right over those hills is the edge of “The Plane of Suck”