September 28, 2009 - Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 08
Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 08

Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 08

Here I finally show something I had designed or Roka a long time ago: he prefers to carry his gun in a satchel holster. I thought it would be interesting to not have everyone carry their weapons in the same way, and a holster that could just be slung over the shoulder was cool to me. I figure he goes back and forth depending on the situation: sometimes he’ll have the satchel and sometimes it’ll be holstered on a belt.

When designing clothes and architecture, I try to incorporate telltale details to make them visually reflective of the alien races. In Kridik’s case, I put little tassels on the bottom of his skirt and vest to echo the look of his mouth and chin nodules.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. justjeff45 says:

    Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to have this book in my hands.

  2. Gerren says:

    That poor little Mexican cockroach. I really think someone needs to give him a hug.

  3. Fatolbaldguy says:

    I am enjoying this no end!

  4. geek says:

    the bug guy looks so sad and pathetic in panel 3. makes me feel really sorry for him

  5. Sean Wang says:

    Yeah, I thought it would be funny to make him really pathetic. I especially like his line that he just wanted to shoot them “a little.” Like that would make a difference.

  6. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says:

    ??? The previously lively and scurrying root beetles are now all dead! How did that happen? Paralyzed by Roka’s wrath?

  7. Sean Wang says:

    Not dead. Just resting. All that scurrying has to be pretty tiring. 🙂 Actually, I figured when the crate burst open, the beetles would all rush out and run off in various directions. But shortly after that, some would settle down. So that’s why these aren’t moving. It’s not total cut-and-paste laziness on my end, I swear! I considered having a few of them still moving around, but I actually thought that would be distracting.

  8. Jason Wong says:

    A cartoon of this would be crazy fun