September 17, 2009 - Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 05
Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 05

Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 05

Something about inept criminals in the wrong line of work is amusing to me. In the very first RUNNERS short story (originally published in the Small Press Expo 2000 Anthology and reprinted in the RUNNERS: Bad Goods graphic novel), I had the crew interacting with a group of nervous chihuahua-like aliens. In this scene, it’s the cockroach-like Preegans. I just like that they feel the need to apologize for their actions and also get their feelings hurt by Roka’s insult.

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  1. Khard12 says:

    Sky is looking uber-hot in that 2nd panel. She needs to transform into Titanium Sky and take these roaches out!
    Love the color! Makes the artwork look even more impressive.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    Glad you like Sky in panel 2. My wife said something about her proportions seeming off in that panel, and I can’t say I disagree with her. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe her head is just a tad too big? Let’s just chalk that up to her being an alien. Crazy alien anatomy.

    As for the shiny, metallic Sky, read on… 🙂

  3. chewtoy says:

    Sean your story and art have stunned me into stupid. This is fantastic. Can you tell me, how long does it take for you to develop a typical page from thumbnails to final colors?

  4. Sean Wang says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Chewtoy! As for how long pages take, it’s a bit hard to say since pages are of varying complexity and sometimes I work on several pages at once, especially during the inking and coloring. But as a rough estimate, I’d say for each page, thumbnails take around 30 min and pencils take around 3-4 hours. Bear in mind that I pencil a bit loosely since I know I’ll be inking it myself so I leave a good amount of the detail to be figured out in the inking. Inking then takes around 5-6 hours and coloring takes another 6-7 hours.

    Maybe on the next issue, I’ll actually work in a way so that I can figure out more accurate times, since I’m a bit curious about it myself!

  5. Houlihan says:

    Every time I read the name Bocce I think of an Italian kid, and he looks very Italian which is
    why I believe the name fits his character very comfortably. By the way I meant to ask, we all
    know Roka is the Leader and Captain, Ril is second in command and mechanic, Cember
    is the marksman and wise guy, Bennesaud being the team’s muscle, but is Bocce the Medic
    because he was the one who kept Sky in MedBay in Bad Goods and was watchful over that area……

  6. Sean Wang says:

    Bocce doesn’t really fill any specific role. The backstory (so far) is that Ril came across him at some point, found him to be pretty good at handling himself in a bad situation, and brought him onboard. I do feel like I haven’t really had the chance to show Bocce off (and really convey what Ril saw in him to make him think he’d be an asset to the group), but we do get to see more of Bocce in action in this story arc. And of course, in time, his whole story will be told.

    As for the medic situation, I figure unlike most series, there’s no clear medic in the Runners crew. Given their line of work, each of them has some degree of knowledge in dealing with injuries, but no one is exactly an expert in the field.

  7. 613 The Evil says:

    It’s “me neither”, dear artist. 🙂

  8. Sean Wang says:

    Dangit. That has now been corrected in the work file. I probably won’t bother trying to fix it here for fear of breaking something. But it should appear correctly in the graphic novel.