September 14, 2009 - Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 04
Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 04

Snow Job Ch 01 Pg 04

Every year, Europe’s largest comics festival, the Angouleme International Comics Festival, happens in Angouleme, France. I’ve been invited a couple times by the French publisher of RUNNERS: Bad Goods, Kymera, but unfortunately, I’ve never been able to make it. Maybe some day…

Anyway, I liked the sound of the name Angouleme, so that was the jumping-off point for the name of the port on this page, Arqq-Olem.

Unlike Bad Goods, which started out with the crew hanging around on the ship, I thought it’d be fun to introduce them in this arc right in the middle of a firefight. And I thought it’d be funny to have the first line of dialogue be Roka yelling some sort of insult, and “Preegan crung heap” sounded just about as good an anything.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Joe from Denver says:

    Hmmm. Now how can I fit “Preegan crung heap” into everyday conversation? 🙂

  2. geek says:

    i really like the colors in panel 2, they look really cool.

  3. Fatolbaldguy says:

    I am enjoying this immensely.

  4. ABTurtle says:

    cannot wait to use that insult on my freinds. love the art, love the story. keep it up.

  5. Sean Wang says:

    Possible uses for “Preegan crung heap”: people who leave their shopping carts out in parking lots, especially on windy days; people who try to get on an elevator, subway, or train BEFORE letting other people get off; and people who don’t use the left lane on interstates for passing. 🙂

  6. Yves says:

    Runner Bad Goods is one of my Top 25 Trade Paperbacks of all times. I can’t wait to get my hands on Snow Job. The wait is killing me!!

  7. Sean Wang says:

    Sweet! Glad you liked the first graphic novel so much! I’m really excited about this story arc. It isn’t quite as action-y as the first one, but as far as plot and tone goes, it’s much more in line with where I intend the series to go, with a heavier emphasis on the intrigue and complexity of the criminal underworld. Fun!

  8. Houlihan says:

    When I first started reading Bad Goods I didn’t think Roka was much of a leader, but as I saw him progress I can see his attitude, intensity, and dialogue as a main character he definitely turns out to be the leader I now see him as.

  9. Sean Wang says:

    I can see how Roka might not come across as a traditional leader at times. I write him as a guy who is good at what he does, but doesn’t necessarily LIKE what he does. So I guess it’s a bit hard for him to really embrace his role with a lot of enthusiasm. I think that’s what makes him so interesting to me as a character.