July 6, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 04 Pg 09
Bad Goods Ch 04 Pg 09

Bad Goods Ch 04 Pg 09

Like most people, I love the speeder bikes in Return of the Jedi. But since everyone loves them, I think they’ve been overdone ever since that movie. So when I got around to designing the Jondhi skybikes, I specifically wanted to avoid that look or anything remotely resembling it. So I leaned more towards a jet-ski look, which feels less aggressive than a speeder bike and thus more sensible as a general police patrol craft. Plus is also reminds me of the sky sleds from the 80’s Flash Gordon movie. “DIVE!!!!”

Not sure why, but I decided the skybike police should have a very slightly different uniform from the foot police. So they have black pants instead of white. Again, I have no idea why.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Corsair114 says:

    The different Uniforms are easy to explain. Since they’re mounted on pursuit craft, its likely to delineate jurisdiction and chain of command at a glance.

    • Thracecius says:

      I completely agree with Corsair114. Minor differences may not necessarily be apparent, but are generally easy to justify even if you’re not sure why you made them in the first place. 😉

  2. Dennis says:

    Function explains much. Check out the difference between a motor(cycle) officer and car mounted officer. Obvious differences, no matter what the jurisdiction.

  3. BigShadow says:

    in Disney’s Gargoyles all the villains loved using Sky Sleds