May 18, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 03
Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 03

Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 03

Dating all the way back to my days on The Tick comics, I’ve always liked tying the end of one scene into the beginning of the next. It could be the repetition of a certain word, a similar composition, or a line of dialogue in one scene working in a different context in the next scene. In this particular instance, it’s the simple word repetition of Cember shouting “We’re dead!” following the last panel of the previous page, in which Hamron vows to keep after the Brimia until they’re all dead.

In another project, Meltdown for Image Comics, I got a bit more ambitious and used similar compositions for every transition from present day scenes to flashbacks. I think I drew the inspiration from the movie Highlander, which had some very cool transitions. I also remember that being one of things I liked most about Watchmen when I first read it.

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  1. Zeus says:

    I forgot all about Meltdown. That was awesome.

  2. bachterman says:

    wow! you did the tick? i loved your work! 😀

  3. Sean Wang says:

    Awesome! Thanks. I pretty much came onboard the TICK series back in 1997, doing one-shot specials while Eli Stone did the main ongoing title, TICK: BIG BLUE DESTINY. When Eli’s run ended, I took over doing the main title with the TICK AND ARTHUR (circa 1999-2000) series. I’m very glad to say that series was very well received by long-time TICK fans. And it looks like all my stuff, Eli’s, and the original Ben Edlund series have all been collected into several massive tomes, available in stores and at Check them out now!

    • bachterman says:

      arthur was my second fav in the series. 🙂
      here in the old continent, especially in hungary, we don’t have any comic book culture, so no shops and – sadly – expensive intercontinental package fares. 🙁
      i’ll keep on reading the runners, that’ll satisfy my hunger for comic books. i hope.