May 14, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 01
Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 01

Bad Goods Ch 03 Pg 01

Hmm…never really noticed it until now, but the markings in Hamron’s ship are really faint in that first panel. They really should be much bolder since, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted pirates use distinctive ship markings as calling cards to strike fear in their targets. Maybe if/when I get to coloring this entire series, I’ll make that correction.

I do get asked pretty often if I have plans to go back and color the Bad Goods story. I’d certainly LIKE to, and I’m guessing some day I will. But given my limited time, I’d really much rather put that time and effort into new RUNNERS stories for now.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Is the second book going to be in color on paper or just on the web?

  2. Sean Wang says:

    The new arc, “Runners: The Big Snow Job” will be color online and in print! I haven’t even begun to look into print costs, which I know is going to hurt. But hopefully I can build up enough of a readership to support sales for a color graphic novel. So please help me get the word out on the series and pass along the link to wherever you can! And remember, the new color series starts in SEPTEMBER!!

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