April 24, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 16
Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 16

Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 16

I agonized for a while over the last panel, trying to decide whether to include that last word balloon or not. Obviously, as an artist, I like to have the art tell the story as much as possible, and in some ways, I thought Grissom’s trailing look alone accomplished the ambiguous scene ender I was going for. Ultimately, I thought it worked just a tad better with the text so I left it in, although it took a while to finally settle on that decision. Funny, the things you obsess about when doing a story.

The next several pages ended up being a nice exercise in silent storytelling though…

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Zeus says:

    I think it works better with the text as well.

  2. Cyko says:

    Love the story so far

    at any rate your comment in the last strip about naming Cember the Candy Bandit
    It fits him it really does
    and I dont know why

  3. Without the text the final panel looks more sinister, filled with bad intentions. With it, it is more ambiguous, maybe the look could be concern or doubt.