April 14, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 08
Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 08

Bad Goods Ch 02 Pg 08

In my original draft of the story, this is where issue #1 was going to end, with the cliffhanger of Ril having a gun to his head. Weird. I guess it would have been okay, but it’s just very odd to me now that I would have had them find the girl halfway through issue #1 and not focus on that moment as the big scene of the issue.

I only changed it when it came down to doing the page breakdowns and thumbnails for the art, and I realized issue #1 would end up being way over 24 pages to get to this Ril moment at the end. So I re-jiggered issue #1 to end on the girl, and I’m glad I did, as that moment really is a much more important event than this one.

Unless you’re Ril, in which case getting a gun pointed at your head is a pretty big deal.

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  1. Gerren says:

    Love the texture on the cloak., that slightly frayed edge is great.

  2. Sean Wang says:

    Thanks! I like using texture patterns every now and then so that everything doesn’t look the same. It’s just something I came across in some manga series that I really liked, so I appropriated it here. Odd that you don’t see it too often in American comics.

    As for the frayed edge, that’s something I like to throw in once in a while too since it goes along with the whole “used universe” look. You tend to see scratches and chips on starships in a lot of sci-fi, but then that marred aesthetic doesn’t always trickle down into the clothing as well. So I wanted to make sure the attire of certain characters share an equal state of disrepair. I’ll admit I actually have some T-shirts with sizable holes right dead center in the chest that my wife tells me I need to throw out. But I still wear them. Not in public, of course. 🙂

  3. Lurch says:

    the question is, then… how did those holes get there? is your wife being.. defensive? 🙂

  4. Exxos says:

    I just realized after all this time what was concerning me about this page – Cember is drawn as if he has knees in panel 2.

  5. Sean Wang says:

    Yeah, I figure Cember doesn’t have knees per se, but when he needs to kneel or bend down, the tentacle portion of his body can crease at certain points. So in this instance, while it looks like knees, it’s really the whole lower body creasing to allow him to take that position. I’ll admit it looks a bit odd, which is kinda weird to say, as if a six-eyed, tentacled alien didn’t look odd before!

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