March 23, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 16
Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 16

Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 16

These were some very tough panels to draw, trying to convey a shot going through a small opening in a force field to hit someone inside of it, while also lining up the target’s arm in a way that the shot could conceivably go through the opening, miss the arm itself, and hit a body part further inside the shell.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Lurch says:

    Query: Would a shot – once entering – ricochet around inside, thus generally making life (or, what’s left of it ) miserable for the target?

  2. Sean Wang says:

    I imagine in some instances, a shot could ricochet, but it would have to be the same conditions that would cause a ricochet OUTSIDE the shell as well. In this case, both shots connected with fleshy tissue, so there wouldn’t be any surface to bounce off of. A shot repeatedly ricocheting inside a shell would be pretty fun to do though…