March 16, 2009 - Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 11
Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 11

Bad Goods Ch 01 Pg 11

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  1. Ahh, great stuff here Sean – looking forward to reading more!

  2. Joe Parrish says:

    Love the book, have the trade so I am waiting for the new so can’t wait till it happens.

  3. Jon Young says:

    Great stuff so far! I wanted to get into this comic and couldnt find it at local shops. Really glad you are posting it now. Will have to pick up the trades when they are out.
    By the way….love Ril’s design…really nice.

  4. Max says:

    Count me as another fan who has read the first run and is eagerly awaiting the new material. I will definitely pick up the trade whenever it’s ready, Sean. This is a truly great series, and it fills a niche in my personal comics genre requirement that has been sorely lacking for far too long out there.

  5. BrianT says:

    The design for Bennes’ gun is brilliant.